Population Theories: -

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Population Theories:-

The examination of differential fertility and mortality showed how little is known of the main influences upon population growth. Consequently, theories of population growth have been proposed, trying to explain the main influences, especially with respect to fertility. Counts has classified these theories into three categories: biological, cultural and economic.

Biological Theories:-stress that the law regulating human population is basically the same as that regulating the growth of plants and animals that demographic growth is not unique This view has found different exponents in the last two centuries, relating fertility To nutrition and density. The Brazilian dietitian De Castor, for example; postulated in his Geography of Hunger that there is an inverse relationship between protein intake and human fertility. With sweeping generalizations lie correlated low productivity and high reproductively to hunger, especially specific hungers of proteins, minerals or vitamins, and blamed colonialism for much of the appalling hunger in the world today. Pearl and Reed are best known for their mathematical representation of human population growth known as the logistic curve (first proposed by the Belgian Verhulst nearly a century earlier, in 1838). It is based on the assumption that’ there are cycles of population growth reflecting changes in the economic organization -of society, each cultural epoch having a different cycle. One important point about the logistic curve is that the proportional rate of. population increase actually falls continuously, a density; increasing density is said to lower fertility.. Evidence for this contention was drawn from experiments with fruit. Flies and yeast cells not always relevant to human populations

Cultural Theories of Population Growth emphasize the importance of man’s character and culture is influencing his fertility To explain the declining fertility of advanced countries particular stress has...
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