Population Problem in Bangladesh

Topics: World population, Sociology, Population ecology Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: March 17, 2012
Unemployment is the situation in which one does not have any opportunity to work and earn. An unemployed person cannot earn his living. He has to depend on others. He is thought as a burden to the family or the society. So, it is regarded as a problem.

Unemployment is common everywhere in the world. No country in the world is completely is free from it. So, Bangladesh is not exception from it. Rather, this problem is very serious in our country. Many people are badly suffering from the curse of unemployment.

There are many direct or indirect causes of unemployment. They are as follows: Our country is over populated. The rate of population growth is very high. So the present job facilities cannot keep pace with the growing population. Besides, our country is not developed in industries. They can absorb only a limited number of people. Again, our education system is very defective. It is traditional and depends on memorization. It does not make them self-reliant. There is less opportunity for vocational training. So, only the memorized bookish knowledge does not help them in the work field.

Moreover, our students have a false sense of prestige to become officers. They hanker after only for official jobs. So they remain unemployed. Then, there is serious lack of skilled manpower. This limits the scope of jobs. We have a lot of natural resources but we cannot use these properly. This also causes the problem. Lastly, many illiterate people believe in a false notion such as “What is lotted cannot be blotted”. This negative outlook creates unemployed people.

Unemployed people fail to maintain themselves and their families. They lose their mental peace and social status. We know that an idle brain is devil’s workshop. So they commit many crimes. This is increasing social crimes and hampering social peace.
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