Population Is a Source Not Burden

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Population; A Human Source Or Burden
Zawar Hussain

The world population milestone that is sparking a global discussion on today’s most pressing environmental, health and justice issues, Pakistan’s population has continued to grow at break-neck speed. This has put immense pressure on the resources Pakistan has or can generate. Some would argue that every birth produces a consumer. Increasing population is actually a blessing in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. So in religious sense its good. Also if we analyze it, increasing population is actually good. Man power is a resource and not a burden, It is a burden if the wealth is distributed in an unjust manner, like for instance in Pakistan, India and through out the world. So if we want to follow capitalism there will always be an unjust distribution of the wealth. But if we follow the Islamic concept of Zakat. 2.5 % tax on savings (gold, money, silver property etc)not on salary, and we quit corruption then its a blessing. And man power can be used in agriculture, industries and other productive things. In this way there won’t be capitalistic pyramide and jobless people. Population, A Human Resource;

A huge population can prove to be a nation’s biggest asset. For the all-round progress of a large nation, it is essential that all its people contribute significantly to diverse areas and sectors of the economy—like agriculture, service industry, construction and other industries, to name a few. The talented and hardworking people of a nation can emerge as a highly competitive human resource. A country marches ahead largely on the strength of its talented, educated and enterprising manpower. Many nations like Japan and Israel have proved it time and again. These nations are poor in natural resources: they lack land and other natural resources such as minerals, metals and water, and various sources of energy like natural gas and crude oil. But these nations have shown that the general populace could be turned into...
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