Population Is Increasing

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SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (Applicant has to read this First carefully) For the Applicants applying on the Application Form Downloaded from Indiapost website for the Direct Recruitment Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Examination for the years 2011-2012 IMPORTANT: APPLICANT WHO HAS ALREADY APPLIED USING OMR APPLICATION FORM KIT BOUGHT FROM POST OFFICE NEED NOT APPLY AGAIN. 1. Click the Link “Register Online”. 2. Enter following details one-by-one in the relevant fields: a. Name (as appearing in secondary school Certificate) b. Date of Birth (as appearing in secondary school Certificate) c. E Mail ID d. E Mail ID (Alternate) And click “Submit” to get the required Form and Instruction sheet/ Information Brochure in your E Mail ID. 3. Following three documents in soft form shall be sent to your E-Mail ID within 24 hours of Registration: a. Special Instruction Sheet (1 sheet) b. Application form (A4 size, Two Sheets) c. Instruction Sheet / Information Brochure (11 Sheets) 4. Please first read Special Instruction Sheet carefully and then the Instruction Sheet/ Information Brochure for filling the Application Form. 5. Take the printout of both sheets of the Application Form on thick A4 size White Papers on separate sheets using Laser/Inkjet printer. Applicant has to use the Form Downloaded from E-Mail ONLY. Photocopy of Form is not accepted. 6. You will find your Name, Date of Birth and a Seven Digit Unique Registration Number already printed on the Application Form. 7. Fill the Application Form as per the “Instruction Sheet / Information Brochure (11 pages)”. 8. Fees:- Applicant applying on the Application Form Downloaded Online has to pay: a. Fee 1 = Charges for the Application Form = Rs 50/- which is a MUST for every Applicant to pay. b. Fee 2= Examination Fee = Rs. 200/-. Note: Female, SC, ST & Physically Handicapped Applicants are Exempted to pay Examination Fee but these Applicants are needed to pay Charges of Rs. 50/- towards Application Form (as mentioned in 8.a above). This Fee of Rs. 250/- (200+50) or Rs. 50/- has to be paid (as detailed in the Instruction Sheet) under Unclassified Receipts in any Post Office and a Computerized Receipt OR paper receipt obtained in from of ACG 67/UCR has to be necessarily enclosed with downloaded Application Form writing the 7 digit registration number on the back side of Receipt. Applicant to keep photocopies of application form and Fee Receipt for future reference. 9. Applicant has to send Completely filled in Application Form in a thick Outer envelope of size 10 inch X 8.5 inch (25 cms X 21.5 cms) to the following Address through SPEED POST or Registered Post of Indiapost only (Dispatch by any other mode or through Courier will not be accepted) “Direct Recruitment Cell New Delhi HO New Delhi-110001” On the Outer Envelop the Applicant should write his/her details in the following Format at the Left Bottom corner in English in Capital Letters & send the properly closed envelope in time as notified in the advertisement so that it reaches Addressee in time (late receipt shall be liable for Rejection): From: Application Form (7 Digit Registration) Number __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Name of the Applicant __________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________ PIN CODE __ __ __ __ __ __ 10. Applicant has to make sure that following are sent in a properly closed outer envelope: a. Completely filled Application Form with Signature on both the pages at appropriate places as provided. b. Enclose a Blank Envelop of size 9 inch X 4 inch (22.5 cms X 10 cms) with a Postage Stamp of Rs. 5/- pasted on the Top-Right hand corner . Don’t write anything on this envelop. c. Enclose Original Receipt of Rs. 250/- (Application Fee + Examination Fee) for Non-Exempted applicants OR Original Receipt of Rs. 50/- (Application Fee) for Exempted applicants. Also mention Registration Number on the back side of the original “Receipt”.

11. Applicant to check the Status of its...
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