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Population Education Reviewer

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Population Education Reviewer

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The Catholic Church and the Population Program
By Jose Nacieno

July 10, 1990

* First Principle: “Respect should be given to the sacredness of human life in all stages.” * Second Principle: “Marriage and the marital act have two aspects: the unitive and procreative” * Third Principle: Directly willed abortion, the use of abortifacients, sterilization and contraception are wrong in themselves. * FifthPrinciple: the Church advocates natural family planning as the only morally acceptable way. * Sixth Principle: the Church rejects the contraceptive mentality. * Seventh Principle: the Church teaches that the decision on the number of children lies solely on the Parents. * Eighth Principle: Hence the Church is against any coercion exercises on couples to pressure or force them to limit or increase the number of their children. * Tenth Principle: “because the Church regards artificial contraception as wrong itself, the Church will object to their dissemination as we. * Eleventh Principle: The Church acknowledges religions freedom of conscience.

=Scope and Sequence on Pop Ed=
1) Responsible sexual Behavior
2) Wholesome family Relationship
3) Every Child is a Wanted Child
4) Artificial Methods of Family Planning
5) Women as a Potent Force in Development
6) Population & Sustainable Development

Volume 2 – Gender Development
* Women in Development
By Pop Com
Source: The Philippines: Country Reports on Population
pp. 13-15

* (PWDP) Philippine Women Development Plan or (R.A. 7192) was intended to promote the integration of women as full and equal partner of men development & nation building.

* Population & the status of Women
By Popcom
Source: Philippine Population Management Program Briefing Kit, Paper Numbers

* Pregnancy/Childbirth complication
is one of the 10 leading causes of female death...

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