Population Control

Topics: Demography, Overpopulation, Population Pages: 4 (1497 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Population Control
Population growth, a topic most likely insignificant to the common man, but the world’s population growth and control of that population growth is necessary for our overall survival. The issue has been discussed due to fear of the world becoming overpopulated. Experts and nations alike have monitored this recent growth in our population to predict any struggle that may occur before it is encountered. If the world becomes overpopulated, the limited amount of resources we have would not be able to support the entirety of the people in need. Also, if left unmonitored, the growth of our population could fluctuate and cause unsuspected chaos in terms of death to birthrates, male to female rates. Having more men than women would cause less fertility and therefore a lower birth rate, which would result in a higher death rate, and therefore chaos in the fact that the population would begin decreasing to the point that the world becomes under populated.

If the world does become overpopulated, the limited resources obtainable wouldn’t be nearly enough to support the entire population. Peter Apps mentions in his article, 7 Billion and Beyond Population, that the global fertility rate is already high enough to replace every person currently alive and more. (Apps) This means that the population balance is shifting towards the growth in size because the fertility rate is surpassing the norm of replenishing the lost population. A firm example of this growing fertility rate is India, a nation whose population has been growing yearly. Experts predict that this nation will surpass China in overall population by the year 2020. Although the nation is advancing in its economy and rising middle class, it still struggles to feed and shelter all of its population. (Maginer) If the population continues to grow, India will likely simultaneously decline in overall population until returning to normal. This is a result of the lack of resources they have. A nation can...
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