Population and Development in Bangladesh.

Topics: Demography, Poverty, Millennium Development Goals Pages: 11 (3129 words) Published: April 29, 2013
This paper touches on scale and development of Bangladesh. A brief overview is shown the relationship between population change and development. Population is the center point of any kind of development and planning of a nation. It is well known that population size; population growth, fertility, mortality and Development are interrelated to each others.

Population is the key factor in development now and historically. Bangladesh is one of the least developed countries of the world. Bangladesh remains poor, overpopulated and not too much efficient-governed nation. The economy has grown at the rate of 5-6% per year since 1996 despite inefficient state owned enterprises ,delays in exploiting resources, insufficient power supplies and slow implementation of economic reforms(ADB:2003) . Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. As a developing nation Bangladesh a bear the characteristics is that low per capita income. In addition people in developing countries usually have poor health and short life expectancy, have low levels of literacy and suffer from malnutrition. Today, Bangladesh with a growth rate 1.37 %( Source BBS census: 2011), 1.8 To 2.0 million people are being added to the total population every year. This does not end here. The projection shows that the population is likely to grow up to 222 million around 2051, and stabilize at 250 million by 2081, if even fertility level is achieved by the year 2015.So population is important concern for our country. The area of our country only 1, 47, 570 square kilometers, here near about 150 or 160 million people living, with occupying 1015 people per square kilometers(source :BBS Census 2011).In 1971 Bangladesh got independent from Pakistan. The country starts with a lot of problem various obstacles in its development process .Population has almost doubled since independence. On the other side the life here people often has been shaped tragedy. Poverty becomes a common specter of our country. Population when became resources it geared to development. Population is a centre issue of development for sustained economic growth and welfare of society as they are composite we cannot think them about isolation. Demographic consideration like population size, structure, composition, consumption as well the whole life.

There is an important relation population and development .The population always created pressure on development activities. The result of large population impacts on per capita income, price of commodity etc.

On the analysis f the trend of population increases in Bangladesh, it will be seen that indeed a population explosion has taken place in this small country. In this table it is found that in 1901 there was population of only 2.89 cores in the Bangladesh territory. During the period of 1901 to 1951 the rate of population growth is slow. But it is found that from the year 1961, the rate of population growth become high. As per available data the highest growth rate was 2.48 in 1974. After that growth rate gradually started decreasing and reached at 1.37 in 2011. In 1961 the population of Bangladesh was 5.52 cores. But only in 30 years it was doubled and reached about 11.15 crore in 1991.The area remains constant but population increasing day by day.

Table : Population Trends of Bangladesh. Year| Total population(in million)| Growth rate (%)|
1901| 2.89| 0.90|
1911| 3.16| 0.94|
1921| 3.33| 0.64|
1934| 3.56| 0.74|
1941| 4.20| 1.70|
1951| 4.19| 0.50|
1961| 5.52| 2.26|
1974| 7.64| 2.48|
1981| 8.99| 2.35|
1991| 11.5| 2.04|
2001| 12.93| 1.48|
2011| 14.97| 1.37|

(Source: BBS)

Future Growth
Effects of lower fertility and mortality are...
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