Popularity vs. Intelligence

Topics: Problem solving, Intelligence, Intellectual giftedness Pages: 3 (1332 words) Published: August 18, 2010
Intelligence vs. Popularity
It might just be, that intelligence, is the way to help you get yourself to where you want to be in life. You shouldn’t be afraid to let your intellectual ability shine. You should embrace it in every way possible. Put yourself out there and definitely do not be afraid to fail. If you were to fail you must get back up and continue to fight for what you believe in, even if people think that it’s stupid. Intelligence, according to Dictionary.com, means the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. There are also many other different personal definitions people may have for intelligence. I believe that intelligence is more important than popularity because you can solve your own problems, you will always be able to rely on your intelligence to get you out of tight situations and carry you through life, and also your intelligence could most likely help you to gain popularity in the end. Is intelligence the key problem solving? I believe that it is indeed the key to solving the most complex to the simplest problems. In Flowers for Algernon, one way that Charlie Gordon shows his ability to solve problems is that he figures out how and why exactly both he and Algernon were and are unable to obtain the high level of intellectual ability they have. He noticed that Algernon’s intelligence was decreasing rapidly and it would continue to decrease over time. Charlie immediately asked for his own lab so he could research why exactly this was happening. He eventually found and that he too would begin a rapid decent in intelligence, but he did entirely what he could while he was smart to help the research for the next time this study was performed. One other example is when Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss help to find the way to make Charlie’s intellect increase through science, instead of through normal learning. Charlie was not very smart in...
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