Popularity of Social Elements between Male and Female

Topics: Gender, Male, Gender role Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Spring 2013
SOC101-E / Introduction to Sociology
Review Essay #5


Growing up popularity was always changing. In elementary school it was whoever was the most charismatic, being able to befriend anyone and capture their attention. It changed in middle school when the opposite sex became attractive; then it was whoever bloomed early and could keep the guys attention. It flipped once more in high school; girls were more into make-up, money was important, what clique you belonged to, if you were a cheerleader, and if you had a nice car. Popularity came to those who had most if not all of these characteristics; money, looks, charisma, athleticism, wheels, and a large group of friends. I do think that reasons for popularity changed between school levels. This is due to the fact that we grow up and different things become important to us, such as who has what and knows who.


People bully others because it makes them feel better about themselves. They like the power it gives them over those who are weaker than them. The bullies gain their friends through force most likely because they are unable to gain friendship otherwise. Their family setting, or the way they were raised, may also be a factor as to why a bully feels the need to torment others. Many of us tend to stand aside as bullying takes place because of fear. We do not wish to become the bully’s new target if we intervene; it places a target on our own backs. We fit in with the crowd of those who enjoy watching another get beaten and do not wish to be rejected from this crowd, even though we may not like what is going on. The loss of friends can come because we stood up for an individual and we are afraid to loss those friends. Bullying could be halted if just one person objected to the harassment. It would cause the one doing the tormenting to loss interest if the audience is not enjoying the show. Other methods put in by the school could also prevent harassment of the victims. Having a...
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