Popular Music of the Chinese Culture

Topics: C-pop, Chinese rock, Chinese character Pages: 4 (1307 words) Published: December 13, 2011
Screaming and crying androids: voice and presence in Chinese popular music is an article from the journal Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Volume 11, and published by Routledge: Taylor and Francis Group. They are a global publisher of academic books, journals and online resources in the humanities and social sciences, publishes it. One can find more information on the publishing company at www.routledge.com. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies provides a forum for scholars to critique on the cultural studies of Asia. It includes discussions, reports, and analysis aiming to enhance the communication and information exchange between inter-Asia and other cultural regions of the world (Taylor). The journal carries out a wide range of subjects on cultural studies, such as music, politics, economy, movements, and history.

Jereon Groenewegen, author of Screaming and crying android: voice and presence in Chinese popular music, is Dutch, however he is a researcher of popular music in Chinese languages and an interpreter at Chinese cultural events in the Netherlands. His main interests are in pop, rock, and folk music. Groenewegen is also one of many authors in the Asia Pacific Arts Magazine and author of many other articles and blogs that contribute to his PhD project, The Performance of Identity in Chinese Popular Music, at Leiden University.

Groenewegen has a unique style of writing that I like. He has subtitles for every different section, and the titles gives one a hint on what he is about to talk about. I can tell that he has a great grasp on Chinese culture based on his writing. How I can tell? I can tell because Groenewegen uses a lot of symbolism. If you have ever picked up a Chinese book or watched a Chinese drama, there are at least fifty objects in each piece that is used as a symbol for something part of life. In addition, each song or "voice" described in the article, the author finds a second meaning and interpretation for it. Screaming and crying androids seeks to...
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