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  • Published : October 22, 2011
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Popular methodology Four methods

-Suggestopedia by Georgi Lozanov
The method is established on the idea of removing barriers to learning, and for that reason comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is created. Students have different identities from their real ones throughout the course, so that they feel secure.  •Physical surroundings and atmosphere of the classroom is very important  •Stud should be comfortable, confident and relaxed; the affective filter should be lowered; barriers to learning are tried to be removed •Infantilisation is important; there is a parent-child relationship between the teacher and students There are three main parts of a suggestopaedic lesson. 

1They are oral review section, 2-presentation and 3-discussion of new dialogue material and finally, concert session(slow movements from baroque period at sixty beats perm in min.)

-Total Physical Response TPR by James Asher

The students are asked to respond physically to the language they hear. language processing is matched with physical action  The teachers direct all the behaviours of the students.
The teacher performs the actions with some students at first and then he gives students commands. When the students respond all correctly, they start giving commands to their classmates. The method emphasises the idea of lowering anxiety and facilitating learning.•Lowering the affective filter is important

**If children learn much of their language form speech directed at them in the form of commands to perform actions, then adults will learn best in that way too.  ***common point of four methods (CLL, The Silent Way, Suggestopaedia, and TPR)? The all four methods aim to facilitate the learning by lowering the affective filter in the language learning environment.

-The Silent Way (Caleb Cattegno)

the teacher is silent as much as possible in this method. 
The goal of the method is to force the awareness of the students and let them discover the language...
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