Popular Hobbies and Interests Change over Time. Version 1

Topics: 20th century, Time, Modern history Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: November 20, 2011
In the modern world everything seems to be a subject to change: jobs, politics, economy, ecology, even people themselves. Some say that in this fast changing era people’s interests are not constant and simply reflect trends of our time. To my mind, hobbies, on the contrary, represent a connection of times and remain permanent. In this essay I will try to prove this point of view.

To begin with, sports were people’s most popular interests at all times. There is no fashion that can make a person go out on a court and suffer pain just to feel real satisfaction afterwards. Kinds of sports do change in time, but people’s addiction to sport remains unchanged.

Secondly, reading that seems to be an eternal hobby, never goes out of fashion. As long as humanity exists, it has always been fond of reading. Looking back in Antique ages we find people spending their time with a book.

The third hobby that cannot be affected by any trend is travelling. Ever since a person is born, he is always looking for something new in his or her life to discover. Travelling has become very popular nowadays thanks to the fast development of new technologies, but in past times it was also one of the most interesting hobbies. The only difference is that earlier people travelled on foot and now they do it by air.

On the other hand, there are reasons to consider some hobbies just reflection of modern trends. Computer games and watching TV are some things that came into our life in the 20th Century and certainly became popular when only they came into fashion. But these interests are temporary and will be definitely replaced by some new technologies invented in future.

To conclude, I should say that though modern technologies have some effect on people’s hobbies, real interests remain constant and cannot be influenced by any fashion.
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