Popular Culture and Print Media Paper

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  • Published : August 28, 2010
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SOC/105 Week 4 August 24, 2009

Popular Culture and Print Media Paper
 Print media has played an important role in popular culture. People revolve around communication throughout the world through a variety of forums. Print media is the form of communication on paper ads or billboards. Society consistently uses flyers, pamphlets, billboards, magazines, newspapers and we even have mobile billboards to ensure the message is being received. Popular American culture has accepted the print media and continues to evolve as our society does. This paper will assess the impact of print media on advertising and consumerism as well as the cultural values. Describe the roles that print media has influenced in the development in American popular culture in work, social responsibility. As well as identifying at least three trends that influenced print media to grow in today’s revolutionary technology era. Print media has transformed the advertising industry. Advertisement is what lures people to purchase what’s being advertised. Trends affect people’s decisions in every part of their lives. Some trends are negative and some are positive. Trends are what kept American popular culture alive. Consumerism has helped popular culture in building the economy; however Consumerism can have negative consequences such as, pills, and prescription drug addiction. Studies have proved that certain pills can become deadly over time. Some over the counter pills have even been pulled off the market. Prescription drugs are advertised a variety of print media forums for just about any symptoms one might suffer from. Some prescription drugs are highly addictive. Purchasing prescription drugs in the United States have grown quickly and widely accepted in today’s society. Making it acceptable to feed into the habit. The work place has been influenced...
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