Popular Culture and Border Musical Audience

Topics: Popular culture, Popular music, Pop music Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Case study 1

1. The production orientation was the philosophy that Harmonix used at first. At first, the management of the company mainly focused on how to make their products technically impressive. They implemented many hot new technologies to create and design their products, nevertheless, consumers expressed little interest in trying it out because these technologies scared them. The games Harmonix developed seemed not successful due to their complexity and pricy expense of generating interest for publishers. Later, the company started to realize that they needed to find out what customers really want and value the market. They swiftly assimilated into the pop culture that most people in our society would accept, their new game soundtracks appealed to a border musical audience and even musicians. Their success started with the game Karaoki Revolution, its marketability and mainstream music made it much more successful than their previous “hi-tech” games. [1] They cooperated with companies that made peripherals and companies like Microsoft, Sony and Apple; they are now focused on cutting deals for music that these players can download into Rock Band. [2] Their marketing management philosophy now is deeply rooted in the market and popular cultures, and their delivering of unique experience is leading them to a greater success. 2. Harmonix is a market-oriented business that values customers, encourages innovation and creativity by using technology and stimulates an awareness of change in customer desires. 3. Harmonix’s product was directed to the vast variety of people who like music, and those who wanted to play the role and be a part of the music, most of these people had little musical experience, but some of the games were even rock stars. The company learnt through its past failures and unsuccessful experiences. Harmonix created the product to appeal the audience by implementing and utilizing popular music that most people would accept, and...
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