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Topics: Pope John Paul II, Pope John XXIII, Vatican City Pages: 5 (1100 words) Published: April 7, 2013
* Found meaning in life by helping others
* Significant contribution to development of Christianity. * Contributed Socially, Politically and liturgically.
* Ecumenism – major influence for Catholic Church.
* Advocate of Christian unity, social justice, human rights, and promotion world peace. * “People’s Pope” – friendly, sense of humour, gracious and humble. * Family – poor.
* Believed that kindness can be offered without money.
* Often visited prisons.
* Emphasizing forgiveness and will to help less fortunate. * Took part in creating UN Declaration of Human Rights.
* Won peace prizes & Presidential Medal of Freedom.
* Through contribution to social aspect, made example to Catholics. * Represented what God wanted of humanity.
* Was not private – showed world that you can be any faith and make world better place. * “Born poor, but of honoured and humble people. I am proud to die poor” -Pope John XXIII
* Important Vatican documents – ‘Mater er Magistra’ “Mother and Teacher” * Pacem in terries (Peace on Earth) – addressing peace in midst of Cold War. * Major concern was uniting gap between rich and poor.

* Asked for a more just society and world.
* Documents changed way Catholic Church approached social issues. * Made Church more ‘human’ – people could relate to him. * Acted as a person, not an authority figure that could never be reached. * He was an inspiration man that faced many hardships in his life. * One of first acts as Pope was to improve wages and social position og his Vatican empolyees. * Had to reach people on ground level.

* Belived Church needed to be updated, modernised, renewed. * Believed all different faiths were on similar paths of finding peace and bettering themselves. * One of the first Popes to enter into Polotics.

* In 1962 he excommunicated the Cuban President Fidel Castro, because of Pope Pius XII’s decree against Communism. * He is also one of the first popes to criticise Governments for their treatment of their people. He observed the health, social standing * Completely changed liturgical practices, gave laity chance to participate in mass. * People could now read the readings in mass serve communion and study theology,scripture. * People only required to fast 1 hour instead of 3, Saturday evening masses, vigils for Christmas and Easter. * Songs and hyms had been written in latin.

* Pope believed they should be written for laity too, and should celebrate love of God through songs. * Such postitive effect that he is regarded one of most significant Popes in existence. * He is one of the doctrinal, social, political, founding, positional and ongoing contributors of the world and his presence is still felt today. * One of most important contributions was making Catholic Church ecumenically active. * Pope John XXIII began Vatican 2 in St. Peter’s Basilica on the 11th November 1962. The purpose of the council was to address modernism, ecumenism, and to begin a social reformation system. * Through the Vatican 2, the church established a definition for itself: A Church for ALL people. The roles of people in the church were redefined, as the Pope established himself clearly as a man of action, and not an unreachable “God-like” figure. * “It is now for the Catholic Church to bend herself to her work with calmness and generosity. It is for you to observe her with renewed and friendly attention” Pope John XXIII * Pope John also invited members of other faiths including Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, Lutheran, Anglican etc, to the Vatican 2 proceedings, they were not allowed to participate, but it was a gesture that has led to the unity of faiths. * Being the “caretaker” Pope, he certainly proved his critics wrong. He was a man of action, and he didn’t let opinions or society hold him back from his vision of a better world. * He united the...
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