Pop Music Is a Bad Influence and Teenagers Should Not Be Listening to Them

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  • Published : July 1, 2012
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Pop Music is a Bad Influence and Teenagers Should Not Be Listening to Them Almost every teenager is interested in pop music. However, whether the habit of listening to pop music is good or bad depends on certain factors. Firstly, let us consider the content of pop songs. Most songwriters aim to boost the sales figures and popularity of the songs. Therefore they may centre them around themes of sex, violence, rebelling against authority or even Satanism. Teenagers have impressionable minds and can be influenced easily. Undesirable songs with suggestive lyrics repeated continually may influence them the wrong way. In fact, some years ago, there was a public outcry against the obscenities in some rap songs. Some of these songs were written by people with undesirable backgrounds and contained suggestive lyrics depicting violence, rape and crime. Parents were also shocked when it was revealed that the records of some songs, when played backwards, contained words which worshipped the Devil. Some singers and bands have, at some time or other, recorded objectionable songs and music. Parents may shake their heads in dismay, but the truth is that such songs are the ones which sell and rake in the millions for the artistes. Of course, the music industry also has performers who do not impart good values, and teenagers who spend their time worshipping these people may be subject to the undesirable influences their songs and images portray. Peers also play a large part in a teenager’s choice of music, and friends who like such performers inevitably influence their choice. Considerable amounts of money also have to be spent to support this interest in pop music. Music paraphernalia such as compact discs, Walkmans, Discmans and music magazines are bought regularly, as such items have to be updated as and when music trends change. Money is also spent on concerts and imitating the likes of their favourite pop stars. For those teenagers who are too focused on their interest in pop...
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