Pop Culture Jumping Stilts

Topics: Stilts, Powerbocking, United States Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: April 26, 2011
Jumping Stilt Craze

Imagine being able to jump up to nine feet in the air, run up to 25 miles per hour, and be the talk of the whole town. When I first saw these jumping stilts in the Beijing Olympic opening and closing ceremonies I just had to get some to try out. The very next day I began researching about the stilts. I found out that the inventor was a German engineer named Alexander Boeck, the average cost of a pair is around five or six-hundred dollars, and the majority of “Bockers” in the united states are in the Southwest region. I was so amazed by what would be possible to do in them so I found a dealer in Phoenix, Arizona and bought my Air-Trekkers.

Originally invented and patented by German engineer Alexander Boeck, Air-Trekkers are a spring-loaded stilt that you safely strap onto each leg. Once strapped on, you stand 18" taller, with three foot long carbon-fiber springs attached to your legs, ready to send you into the air. Alexander got the idea about the stilts while he was researching the movements of kangaroos in Australia. He wanted to harness the speed and power of the kangaroo so that any person could achieve super human abilities. He began to draw out plans and eventually he came to the design used today. He had submitted his patent in 1999; however, the manufacturers cannot deviate from the plan that was patented in Europe in 2002 and 2004 in the United States. Although the design has now been changed to lighten the stilts.

The original Powerskips are considered a brand for professional and serious enthusiast use, costing up to 1000 dollars and are very high quality. Velocity Stilts are Powerskips that have been modified with different bindings and stripped down to minimize weight. Velocity Stilts occasionally retain the Powerskip logo on some parts and are sold at around 800 dollars. Powerisers are produced by Korean Company, but are manufactured in Philippines to lower cost. High quality and medium price-range. Known...
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