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Topics: Culture, Marketing, Popular culture Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: April 11, 2013
Business, marketing and Advertising play a major role in the promotion and consumption of any Popular Culture. Without the intricate strategies used by companies and advertising firms, a Popular Culture, would simply be another craze or fad that comes and goes. Not a long lasting influence to consumers and target audiences. The large amount of Marketing and Advertising associated with Popular Culture also affects the specific Pop cultures influence on societal values and beliefs. By using clever marketing and advertising, a company can increase their influence in the marketplace as well as use their product, (or in this case, pop culture,) to influence societal values. To create a popular culture most groups will widely use complicated Business and marketing strategies, in the form of Advertising, media coverage etc. The usual result being an increase in human interest and response to the product, the increase of interest is what creates the Pop culture.

A fine example of a Popular Culture influencing these values and beliefs would be Barbie and its surrounding paraphernalia. The ‘world’ of Barbie has been shaped by the creators, Mattel, to maximise their profit. And to do so, Mattel has applied complex marketing and advertising strategies to lure their customers.

The major influence on the promotion of Barbie is that of Advertising. Advertising not only sells products, but also sells morals and standards for society. As most Barbie products are directed at Five to Thirteen year olds, the advertising used by Mattel, is generally ‘kid friendly’ and is concentrated on influencing the children’s wants and desires. The main source of Advertising for not only Barbie products, but literally any product under the sun, is the one and only Television. Virtually an entire western world has allowed itself to become a wholesale for advertising companies to sell their products. Mattel has taken hold of this new medium and run with it. Mattel has carefully created Ads...
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