Pop Art

Topics: History of painting, Ford Motor Company, Surrealism Pages: 2 (315 words) Published: March 10, 2012
Pop Art 1950-1960
4 Characteristics((:
* Recognizable imagery, drawn from popular media and products * Usually very bright colors.
* Flat imagery influenced by comic book and newspaper photographs * Characters in comic book and magazines
Artists of this time
* Andy Warhol
Major developments of this time
* Credit card (1950)
* Car seat belts (1952)
* Polio vaccine (1952)
Abstract Expressionism 1940-1960
4 Characteristics((:
* Unconventional application of paint (no recognizable subject) * Dripping, smearing, slathering, and flinging lots of paint on a canvas. * Sometimes gestural “writing” loosely calligraphic manner. * Carefully filling the picture plane with zones of color that create tension Artist of this time

* Jackson Polluck
Major development of this time
* 1st nuclear weapon built and tested in 1945
Cubism 1908-1914
4 Characteristics((:
* Geometric, a supplication of figures and objects into geometrical components and plans that may or may not add up to the whole figure * Conceptual, instead of perceptual reality.
* Distortion and deformation of known figures and forms in the natural world. * Passage, the overlapping and interpenetrated of planes

Artist of this time
* Georges Brague
Major development of this time
* Ford Motor Company introduces the Ford Model T.
Surrealism 1920-1930
4 Characteristics((:
* The exploration of the dream and unconsciousness as a valid form of reality * The incorporation of chance and spontaneity
* Two stylist schools: Biomorphism and Naturalistic surrealism * The influences of revolutionary 19th century roles such as Charles Bandalice Artist of this time
* Joan Miro
Major development of this time
* Frozen food
Fauvism 1905-1908
4 Characteristics((:
* Explosive colors and input
* Color/art generates its own artistic energy
* Sketchy brunch work, and wildly arbitrary colors create a harsh and...
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