Poor Ability to Spell Words in English

Topics: Writing, Composition studies, Communication Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: May 31, 2013
English is a very important subject in the curriculum. It involves the four fundamental communication skills- listening, speaking, reading and writing which are necessary to enable people to communicate effectively. In order to express our thoughts and feelings, one needs to speak and write theme on printed page. In writing or organizing thoughts and ideas, one needs to be accurate in spelling to be able to convey the appropriate meaning of what one wants to impart, think and feel.

The researches observed that in answering activity sheets after a silent reading, pupils misspell some words. More so, in a written reporting activities in Science and in writing composition in English pupils use misspelled words but conveying a different like in homonyms. Some students write words as it sounds without considering the short and long a’s, e’s, i’s, o’s, and u’s. Other have difficulties in writing, double letters, silent letters, rearrangement of ei, ie, ou, uo, ous, and uous. Still others find it hard to write zwah sounds and words derive from foreign languages like German, French, Latin and slang sounds, like reservoir, repertoire, denovement, burgeois, ensemble, vis-à-vis, vice-versa, tete’-a-tete, coup-de-etat, y’ves st Laurent, mardi-gras, debris, depot, sachet, bouquet, beaux, beret, touché, cliché, tourniquet and others.


After giving a series of spelling tests, essay quizzes, scientific report and composition writing, pupils low ability to spell words in English are traceable. A regular meeting with parents of select group of pupils with problems on spelling and interviews with them are sum up to the identification of the low spelling ability. The following are the diagnose causes: 1. Poor study habits in reading

2. Lack of reading comprehension skills
3. Inadequate vocabulary in English
4. Habitual texting using jejemon lingo...
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