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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Page 7, Question #4:
The ancient cultures of the Americas had many great achievements, but I found the agricultural development the most impressive. Without any assistance from the outside world, the new inhabitants of the Americas were able to take nothing and make it into something. It is said that archeologists believe in modern day central Mexico, people began to plant corn, which they used in everyday life. It is believed that things such as gourds, pumpkins, peppers, and beans were amongst some of the next crops that were grown. I find this to be the most remarkable accomplishment because the people started from scratch, and there was probably a lot of them that had to experience in farming, but they found a way to do it and succeed. Without this accomplishment, there is a chance the humans in the Americas would have died off.

Page 13, Question #3:
Personally, I believe that the differences between Native American groups weren’t outweighed by the similarities. Although they did have many differences, there were even more similarities. Their adaption to their physical surroundings was one of the differences they had. The groups on the coast adapted by fishing for food and searching through forests, while the groups in the Southwest changed how their homes were built and began farming. Groups of Native Americans in the Eastern Woodlands lived in forests and used the trees and plants around them to survive. On the other hand, almost all Native American groups had strong traditions that were passed amongst generations, such as religious beliefs. Also, many Native American tribes traded language and goods along the trading networks that were established. Although each group was unlike all the others, they often shared similarities in language, religion, and social values. Therefore, although they had their differences, Native American groups were often very similar.
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