PRE-IB ENGLISH 10 – Zlata’s Diary – Practice Commentary Exercise

Select ONE of the following ideas and write ONE PAGE of Commentary on it:

1. The forces of war don’t know anything about love and the desire to save something.

2. I keep asking why? What for? Who’s to blame? I ask, but there’s no answer. All I know is that we are living in misery. Yes, I know, politics is to blame for it all. I said I wasn’t interested in politics, but in order to find out the answer I have to know something about it. They tell me only a few things. I’ll probably find out and understand much more one day. Mommy and Daddy don’t discuss politics with me. They probably think I’m too young or maybe they don’t know anything. They just keep telling me: This will pas—“it has to pass”????????????

3. BOREDOM!!! SHOOTING!!! SHELLING!!! PEOPLE BEING KILLED!!! DESPAIR!!! HUNGER!!! MISERY!!! FEAR!!! That’s my life! The life of an innocent eleven-year-old schoolgirl!! A schoolgirl without a school, without the fun and excitement of school. A child without games, without friends, without the sun, without birds, without nature, without fruit, without chocolate or sweets, with just a little powdered milk. In short, a child without a childhood. A wartime child. I now realize that I am really living through a war, I am witnesses an ugly, disgusting war. I and thousands of other children in this town that is being destroyed, that is crying, weeping, seeking help, but getting none. God, will this ever stop, will I ever be a schoolgirl again, will I ever enjoy my childhood again? I once heard that childhood is the most wonderful time of your life. And it is. I loved it, and now an ugly war is taking it all away from me. Why? I feel sad. I feel like crying. I am crying.

4 Since I’m in the house all the time, I watch the world through the window. Just a piece of the world.

5. Mommy is carrying home...
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