Pond Water Essay

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Aaron Gonzalez

Materials and Methods
Nikon Compound Microscope
Glass Microscope slides
Cover Slips
Paper Towels
Glass Jar
pH Strips
I took the sample pond water from the library pond (Central Michigan University), thinking well during mock rock this year I want to know really what I am swimming in. So I took a jar then scooped it up from the muskiest part of the pond. After collecting the sample we placed the sample in a glass jar in the Biology lab at Mid Michigan Community College by a window and then it was sealed with oxygen holes. We would be checking on the sample once a week for lasting six weeks, just incase we miss a week for any reason. The things we were looking for were the temperature of the water and we measured in degrees Celsius using a thermometer. We took drops of the water and dropped them very carefully and as neatly as we could on to strips that measured the levels of total chlorine, free chlorine, total hardness, total alkalinity, and pH. Waiting about 15-20 seconds, we recorded the results and compared them by color on charts and wrote down our findings on what the water contained on that testing day. Besides recording with physical tests we also did visual and aroma inspections. We noted the clarity and the odor each time we took samples. We recorded all the data on sheets in our Green Bio Notebook.


Things did not really change in the pond water sample that we retrieved; it really was basically getting a good sample and seeing if you could get different things that are alive and swimming around in your sample. The only thing that really had a drastic change over the time was the odor and the color of the pond water sample. The odor went from tolerably disgusting, to holy cow what is this smell and am I going to get cancer from it? The color however became different where all the dirt, sludge, etc… settled...
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