Pond Water

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  • Published : November 20, 2011
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Pond Water
By: Jacob O’Connor
November 21, 2011
Jennifer Mertz
BIO 101 SEC 3A Mid Michigan Community College HYPOTHESIS: If the pond water is not treated and is good quality water then there will be new organisms and plant life in the pond water

The objective of this study was to observe and understand what occurs in a sample of pond water over the course of six weeks. Over the six weeks there were qualitative and quantitative data found and recorded. The qualitative data recorded entailed: Water color and smell as well as suspended solids ranging from clear, opaque, and turbid. The quantitative data that was recorded regarded: Temperature, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Chlorine, as well as, Nitrate, and Nitrite. There were also two views of microscope observations. This report will explain and go into detail regarding the results of the observation of the pond water. INTRODUCTION:

1.Water 9. Slide covers 2.Soil/Grass 10. Plant grow lights 3.Jar 11. Lab Manuel Books 4.Microscope 12. Nail

5.Thermometer 13. Hammer
6.Water quality test strips 14.Tape
7.Pipette 15. Nitrate/Nitrite strips 8. Slides 16. Lab Manual

Located in a 16 oz clear glass or plastic jar.
Took the lid of the jar off and punctured holes in it metal lids are usually best, because you can use a hammer and a larger nail to puncture holes; where as a plastic lid tends to crack with a hammer and nail. Found a pond that contained water year round.

Filled the jar 3/4 full with pond water.
Added a 1/2 inch of sediment from the bottom of...
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