Pomp and Circumstance

Topics: Graduation, High school, Academic dress Pages: 2 (879 words) Published: October 26, 2009
Pomp & Circumstance
As I Looked at the pointless glass tower and the red and white tile for the last time I felt very uneasy. My high school years were coming to an end and they were some of the best years of my life. Homecoming Powder Puff Football, getting dressed in ridiculous pink outfits, having earth-shattering school spirit and reminiscing about the fun times I can never go back to. Dressed in my white cap and gown, I observed the faces of my best friends and people I could count the times I’d seen in the last four years, and it struck me. This is the last time I’d see most of these people, unexpectedly tears started pouring down my face. One of my good friends then walked up and said, “Stop crying, you’re messing up your makeup!” I pulled myself together but only to predict it was to get worse. As 381 graduates stood in two single file lines throughout the first floor of my high school, it was a waiting game that seemed to take forever. Soon we’d be able to walk through the fully decorated gym where the ceremony would take place. At this point I was filled with total excitement, I was ready to hear “Pomp and Circumstance March Number 1” and walk to my seat. As I walked in, I looked up and saw my mom standing there in the midst of parents with tears in her eyes waving her hand fifty miles an hour and taking pictures; I started crying again, whenever she cries, I cry.

While I stood by my seat waiting for the rest of the graduates to come in, I wiped my face and took a moment to think, I had been anticipating this day since freshman year and I questioned if I was ready. As my row got the queue to stand up we all rose in unison, perfectly as if we had mastered it in practice. My legs were shaking like Jell-O, I was jumpy and my palms were sweaty. As I waited for our class president to call my name I stood at the edge of the stage; finally he said, “Kiara La’Shray Saucer”. Focusing on was not falling I...
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