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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Caitlin Conway
Dr. Himelrick
POM Wonderful and Pomegranates

When most people hear the words “fashion” or “trendy” the images or concepts that most readily come to mind usually are those of the clothing industry, but instead of a fad that you put on your body, what about a trend that has to do with something you put in? Fad diets are nothing new, and a new trend comes up as often as those in the clothing industry. With the average citizen becoming larger and less healthy, a quick and easy way to reverse bad habits has become more and more sought after than ever. More and more of the “quick fixes” are becoming more readily available, with obtaining the latest miracle food as simple as visiting a grocery store. With this comes the endless stream of strange (and sometimes harmful) foods, diets, and supplements to help consumers lose weight, gain weight, detox, supplement their diet, and much more. Many of these “remedies” are based only on pseudo-science and creative marketing, but among them can be found some products that can be beneficial when used properly. One recent trend that shows promise is pomegranate juice, which has been capitalized on by Los Angeles-based company POM Wonderful. It’s been claimed that the drink can provide anti-oxidants and other beneficial chemicals that people might not usually eat with their regular meals. Whether the pomegranate (or Punica granatum, its Latin name) can fill this tall order remains contested.

Although there has been a recent surge in popularity, human civilization is no stranger to the pomegranate. In an article published by International Journal of Nutrition, Prasan Bhandari examines the pomegranate in light of renewed interest in the fruit. The pomegranate has been cultivated in Persia (modern-day Iran), and spread throughout the surrounding Fertile Crescent area, from modern-day Iraq to ancient Egypt. From there, it was spread throughout the world by trade. Even before claims of its...
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