Polythene Pollution

Topics: Polyethylene, Thermoplastic, Pollution Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: November 7, 2010
The pollutants that are of major concern in today’s world are non biodegradable pollutants that do not degrade or degrade very slowly in the natural environment. Polythene pollution is an example of non biodegradable pollution and they persist on our earth years after years affecting even future generation. Polythene pollution is mostly created by polythene bags, plastic syringe, pesticide containers, medicinal bottles. [pic]

Effects of Polythene Pollution

Polythene pollution has widespread and myriads of effects on ecosystem: • Polythene pollution through biomagnifications enters the food chain and increases along the trophic levels. • Polythene obstructs the drains, natural water bodies, landfills. • Plastic bags may be carried by the wind into forests, ponds, rivers, and lakes polluting te surrounding regions • Most facial cleansers are made of polyethylene microplastics which are too small to be removed by wastewater plants and therefore easily get entry into into waterways and ocean.Additionally these microplastics in presence of UV ray can absorb PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) causing a greater toxic effect in water. • Polythene debris can transport organic pollutants in the seas and oceans. • Many marine organisms like bryozoans, barnacles, polychaetes, crabs and mollusks inhabit on plastic and are transported along with the ocean current to the new sites where they act as alien species upsetting the ecological balance of the site. • Polythene , a petroleum product is a suspected human carcinogen or cancer-causing agent. In studies with mice, polyethylene has been linked to cancer of the colon. When these bags come in direct contact with food, as in packaging, chemicals within the bag can leach out into the food and contaminate it. When burned they release cancer-causing gases. • Polythene can also cause AIDS and thrombosis.

• About 1 billion sea animals die each year by...
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