Polygamy Is a Natural State and Should Be Legal for Men Only

Topics: Marriage, Family, Wife Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Polygamy is a definition for a man who gets married with more than one woman. Of course we are talking about polygamy which is based on equality. It is a topic where all women stand on their feet and fight against it. If opponents know the reason behind polygamy I am sure they will think about it in a different way. When you think about polygamy ask yourself these questions. How many men cheat on their wives and why? How many babies were born by one night stand with an unfaithful husband? How many women seek to get married and do whatever it takes to be a home wrecker? Although many people think it’s demeaning for women. In my opinion polygamy should be legalized only for men because it is the solution for unfaithful marriage and improper family

Women say that polygamy is the result of unfaithful marriage. However, these are the top 9 reasons that a researcher got from men why they cheated on their wives. 1.Not getting enough sex at home.

2.It's reassuring to know that he's still “got it”.
3.The wife just isn't physically appealing anymore.
4.Sex at home is boring.
5.He just couldn't say no.
6.The wife just isn't fun anymore.
7.He just doesn't love his wife anymore.
8.The thrill of the chase is exhilarating.
9.They cheat because they can.
So polygamy is not a result of cheating because men cheat any way. All of the reasons are demeaning for women, as explaining the third point, when she has the time to take care of her looks if she has a full day job, kids, a demanding husband and a house to take care of. You know women are not robots. Polygamy prevents men cheating on their wives, as it’s well known that men have more sexual needs than women. So polygamy helps men and women. It helps women to have time for her while her husband is with the other wife. It helps men whose wife is busy with her job or with the kids. Men don’t need to cheat to get what he wants he has his other wife to please him. By legalizing polygamy men don’t have...
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