Polygamy in the U.S

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  • Published : November 22, 2008
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I believe that polygamous marriage should be abolished in America. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary marriage is defined as, “the state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife.” In some countries polygamy meaning the practice of multiple marriages where men have more than one wife is adopted as part of their culture and beliefs. The community’s polygamists derive their theology from early Mormon teachings. Even though polygamy in the U.S. is forbidden and criminal offenses, Mormon fundamentalists known as sects continue the practice of plural marriage and despite federal opposition.

Despite the wide view of American society being openly opposed to polygamist lifestyle, polygamous followers maintain with their strong beliefs and own perspective of life. Society needs to understand polygamist generally come from conservative religious backgrounds and is hard for them to identify themselves as part of another culture or normal life without replacing their own religion. An example was the first case of prosecution of polygamy in Utah for 50 years that involved a man called Tom Green. Tom had been a fundamentalist, married with five women at the same time and father of 29 children. The sects philosophy was that salvation depends on each man having at least three wives and as many children as possible. Sects that have large groups of polygamist are most common found in Utah, Arizona and Texas in small communities known as compounds. Tom lived in a compound far away from society were he could lived in peace taking care of his family from the interference of government authorities. Tom was raised with long religious traditions and made polygamy a part of his religious legitimate belief. Tom and his family were separated from real life and believed are lifestyle as invaluable. They had their own religion and beliefs taught to his children. Being the man of the house for all of his wives and children providing parental support and...
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