Topics: Marriage, Woman, Family Pages: 4 (1498 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Polygamy, a tradition needed to be changed
Nno! Kwenu! The body of Egwugwu, I salute you. The reason why were are her in the ilo is for the discussion of a very gruesome tradition. I am here to address the current issue of shortage of women for men like me in the village for marriage. There is a particular tradition practiced in our village which has ruined many lives of men like me in the village and such men who don’t have a wife are considered to be efulefu, and there is no doubt about that that the tradition should be changed. The tradition that has caused all these misery in the lives of many men in the Igbo village is that of Polygamy which is why many people do not have their companions and others have more than one, decreasing the respect given to each of them. Polygamy is a very cruel tradition which should be banned and is being removed off from other parts of the world too. By banning this tradition, each man could have a wife to look after him and for the moral support of a person and also the respect given to each woman would be increased, also due to Polygamy many men who have been forced to marry more than one woman get stuck in economic crisis which eventually leads the family to an end. Also through this I personally would be benefitted as I would have a wife who would take care of me and help in every step of my life and would have increased respect in the society and also through my marriage I would get an economical advantage of having more land due to the presence of an extra member in my family from the society. I believe that through abandoning this tradition of Polygamy, each man would be able to marry a woman and can lead a successful and prosperous life. A woman is very important to a man. A woman gives a man moral support and is the maintainer of the house, she maintains the house and children, cook food, wash dishes, feed the pets, maintain the yams, help the male in farming and saves the other crops from destroying and so on and so...
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