Poltical Timeline in Indonesia

Topics: Dutch East Indies, Indonesia, Kartini Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: January 8, 2012
1803 - First phase of Padri War
* Began in 1803 prior to Dutch Intervention and lasted until 1825 * also called the Minangkabau War
* a conflict that had broken out in Minangkabau state between the so called adat and padri religious factions. The Adats were Minangkabau traditionalists who wanted to continue to include indigenous pre-Islamic religious practices and social traditions in local custom (Islam Abangan). The Padris, like contemporaneous jihadists in the Sokoto Caliphate of West Africa), were Islamist reformers who had made the hajj to Mecca and returned inspired to bring the Qur'an and shariah to a position of greater influence in Sumatra. * The Dutch intervened from 1821 and helped the Adats defeat the Padri faction.

1806 - British and Dutch went to war

1811-1816 - Thomas Stamford Raffles is Lieutenant-Governer of Java (East India  Company officer-- British)

1816 - British handed Indonesia back to the Dutch
* Many Indonesians resisted the return of the Dutch. However the Dutch eventually defeated them and regained control

1825 - The Java War 
* Happened in Central Java
* led by Pangeran Diponegoro (the eldest son of the sultan of Yogyakarta) * initial cause: The Dutch wanted to build a road across Diponegoro's property that had a sacred tomb in it. * war ended with Dutch victory in 1830

1831 – Second Phase of Padri War
* Lasted until 1838

1870-1900 - The Liberal Period

1873-1913 - The Aceh War
* was an armed military conflict between theSultanate of Aceh and the Netherlands which was triggered by discussions between representatives of Aceh and the U.S. inSingapore during early 1873. The war was part of a series of conflicts in the late 19th century that consolidated Dutch rule over modern-day Indonesia, concurrent with the 1906 and the 1908 interventions in Bali

1879 - Kartini was born in Jepara, today the date is commemorated as women's emancipation day in Indonesia. * Raden Ayu...
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