Polo Y Servicio

Topics: Spain, Philippines, Spanish colonization of the Americas Pages: 2 (441 words) Published: August 14, 2013

The propagation of the Catholic religion was the first step of mass occupation of Spain in the Philippines. By doing this, given the opportunity to carry out real intent of Spain in our country. They set the rules say we gave a huge impact on the lives of Filipinos. One of the policies established by the Spanish forced labor, known as the Polo y Servicio.

The Polo y Servicio or Prestacion Personal Repartimiento system is adapted to de Labor implemented by Spain in Mexico. It is forced labor in the Philippines and Mestizo Chinese men aged sixteen (16) to sixty (60). Working those forty (40) days per year. Polista call its workers. The work should be public services such as construction of infrastructure such as buildings and churches; cutting of large trees, and repair roads but because of the encomienda system covered by Polo y Servicio, the other serves Polista encomiendero home. Polista survive only if they would pay falla equivalent daily wages given to them. The policy polo y servicio is to conclude effectively in many respects. One of these is the infrastructure we see still standing since the time of the Spanish conquest until now. These are the old churches and buildings located in different parts of the country. Secondly the large ship used by the Spanish in international trade. Because of this ship, had extensive trade between the Philippines and abroad. Got pathway of Polista making galleon they arise due to the requirement of large trees to be used in making them. It also became effective because it is mandatory. If polista did not work, they will be punished. That they should not be punished, suffer just Filipinos humugit least two months of work.

A person we rendered the forced labor was called “POLISTAS”. He could be exampled by paying the “FALLA” which is a sum of Money. Like the tribute the Filipinos hated the Polo. They were compelled to render force labor while the Spaniards were exempted. What really...
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