Pollution: Water and Ultra Violet Rays

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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hat is pollution? Dictionary defines that the process of making Air, Water, Soil, etc. dangerously dirty and not suitable for use! Pollution plays havoc in man’s life. Pollution can be classified into many groups. Air Pollution:

When fresh air gets mixed up with any one of these, like smoke emitted by vehicles, Industrial smoke, Fires, Dust storm, explosions, burning of waste, bombs and crackers, it kills the oxygen content in the air and become dangerous to inhale. It amounts to sickness like Lung cancer, Asthma and many others. At times, it may be fatal too. One may recall the leakage in the poisonous gas cylinder in the Union Carbide company in Bhopal that killed some hundreds of people and the cattle. Similarly, the twin atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USAF during the World War II had killed lakhs of people and wounded almost equal number of it, besides making thousands cripple even by birth. Thus the fresh air is polluted. Water Pollution:

Olden day’s people fetched the drinking water from the rivers and drank them without even boiling. Such waters never did any harm to anybody. On the contrary, the river water that rail through the natural herbs brought medicinal effect too, with it. But now? Even the Ganges water cannot be taken as it is! The reason to this fateful situation is that, the river water is contaminated! The industrialization may have its own advantages, but then the most hazardous wastage from the industries is let out carelessly and they get mixed up with the fresh river water and pollute it. Thus, pollution spreads its wings to water too! Soil:

Soil plays an important role to mankind. It is the good, unpolluted soil that helps the farmers. If the soil is spoilt again, due to the letting out of the industrial waste water, the soil becomes barren lands. Once it is affected, it can never be fit for cultivation. Similarly, it is die rigid soil that can withstand die structures. This way, soil helps us in abundant...
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