Pollution Problems That Are Relatively Unknown

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  • Published: June 10, 2013
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Pollution problems that are serious but that are relatively unknown Many kinds of pollution exist worldwide. Many familiar pollution problems are known to many people such as pollution from the garbage, air pollution from cars and industry, pollution released into water from the factories and so on. There are many occurring spots worldwide that serious pollution problems have taken place, but do you wonder where those places are? Some of the significant scenes are worth knowing. Here are some scenes that pollution problems currently occur in this world and yet are serious but they are relatively unknown. They include pacific garbage patch, Beijing air pollution and Thailand river problems. Pacific garbage patch is the marine litter that is found in the North Pacific Gyre in the Pacific Ocean. The area cover between U.S. states of Hawaii and California. This space is as large as twice the size of Texas State or almost equal to Thailand’s total size. The circular motion of the gyre absorbs external litter outside of the gyre into the motion and eventually leads it to the center while preventing all internal garbage to escape the area. Litter can be anything from glass bottles to aluminum cans to medical waste, but plastic is often the majority of all which is mixed with other kinds. These plastic pieces is harmful to those animals living within the gyre. The Chinese capital city, Beijing, one of the biggest and populated cities in the world, has suffered from serious air pollution for many years due to the increasing urban growth and increasing vehicles in the past few decades. The pollutants in Beijing are various from motor vehicles, local construction dust, coal burning from neighbor cities and dust storms from the northern part of China. Its geography and climate condition also contribute the severity of the pollution, and that results that the pollutants get trapped in the city. As in early 2013, polluted smog had assembled and stayed for several weeks....
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