Pollution in Lake Huron

Topics: Great Lakes, Pollution, Lake Superior Pages: 4 (1250 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Running head: Pollution in Lake Huron

Pollution in Lake Huron
Cause and Effect
By: Rachael lambert
English 115 Professor Amy Williams
Purdue University
Date 2/18/2013

Pollution in Lake Huron:
Cause and Effect
Lake Huron is the second largest great lake and has the longest shoreline of the great lakes. The length of Lake Huron is two hundred six miles long. The depth of Lake Huron is on average one hundred ninety five feet to a maximum of seven hundred fifty feet. The water surface is twenty three thousand square miles and the shoreline length is three thousand eight hundred twenty seven miles long. Lake Huron is one of many lakes that are polluted which affects humans, aquatic species such as fish, and the environment. This paper will discuss the major issues concerning pollution in Lake Huron.

Pollution can happen in different ways. There is point source pollution which is contaminants that are located from other sources such as pipes or vessels. Second there is non-point pollution which is contaminants that can’t be located through a specific source. Pollution happens in 6 different ways in order for a lake to get polluted. First, is by dirt. Even though dirt is not harmful, when it hits the lake it can make the lake undrinkable and unable to swim. Also, dirt can destroy the aquatic life. A lot of dirt can alter the stream flow and choke the aquatic life. Second, is by acid rain. Acid rain is caused by toxic contaminants such as car emissions and when it enters the air it comes back to down to the ground in the form of acid rain. This is believed to be ninety percent of pollution of great lakes toxics. Third, is by heavy metals. Heavy metals are normally found in the earth’s crust, but when it enters the lake it can contaminate the drinking water and accrue in the animal tissue and contaminate fish that we eat. Fourth, is wastewater and sewage? Wastewater and sewage is caused by rainstorms where the...
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