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Pollution Free Campus

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1. Recycle everything, especially paper!
The amount of paper a college student goes through per semester is insane; between class notes, scrap copies, term papers, student newspapers, graphs and pictures printed out plus countless other random items add up. We know that these things can't be avoided, but the way you handle the use of all the paper can really help create a better green campus. Look for recycling bins by garbage bins, dorms, restaurants and classrooms. 2. Use your printer wisely

Teachers usually don't mind if they read papers that are printed using both sides of the paper. This is a huge way to save on paper. Also, to save ink, use the low quality settings on items that don't need to look too nice or that are just text. Lastly, think about what you're printing out. If you can show someone the website on a screen, do it. You don't need to print it out. 3. Limit the use of disposable cups and plates

Whether you're in a dorm or moving into your first off-campus apartment, the temptation to buy disposable cups and plates is huge. However, this not only is bad for the environment, but it's bad for your student finances as well. Buy cheaper plastic plates and cups; one package usually has four sets which are generally enough for one set of roommates. Wash these by hand or throw them in the dish washer if you have one (and remember to only run the washer when it is full to save water). 4. Limit the use of paper napkins

We're not telling you to eat cleaner, but we're telling you to not overdo it. Generally, a lot of fast food and take out is eaten by college students, which means a lot of napkins get grabbed on the way out. Limit the amount you grab! 5. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs

This is a good bit of advice for those college students who are paying their own electric bills. These bulbs might be slightly more expensive than regular ones, but will decrease your energy intake, last longer and ultimately save you money. These are good for dorms...

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