Pollution Essay

Topics: Bottle, Recyclable materials, Recycling Pages: 3 (811 words) Published: March 9, 2011
Plastic pollution
Plastics are very convenient products that we use in our every day life and for most people it would be difficult to imagine a plastic free world. It is everywhere: used for water bottling purposes, food covering, parts that make up our daily items such as cell phones, clothes, and hospital equipments. With so many convenient methods for the use of plastics, many of us fail to recognize the dangers of plastic pollution which starts with industrial pollution, continues with its distribution and consumer pollution. Designed to be discarded, disposable plastics such as water bottles, lids and straws are the greatest source of plastic pollution in addition to being toxic to our health and non-environmentally friendly due to a long process of degradation if any.

Also some of us might think that plastics are not a big threat because its recyclable, sorry to burst your bubble but not all the recycled plastics are actually recycled, in reality most of the plastic stuff we discard into our recycling bin often just eventually becomes pollution somewhere else. Tragically, a lot of it winds up in the ocean, where it is harmful to marine life or it breaks down into tiny particles that are ingested by fish, and then by us.

However, there is still hope and plastic pollution can be avoided through the ban of plastics products or regulation of the chemical contents.
Plastic bottles is the most common source of pollution in our campus due to the amount of bottled products we consume daily. All around campus there are designations for recycling of plastic products, some of us who care about our environment make use of this service, while the rest of us , leave our bottled beverages in classrooms or library tables which in turn is cleaned up by the university workers resulting in more budget spending, but for those of us who do recycle, we fail to think or face the question of what happens to it after it has been cleaned up. Based on the video by Chris...
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