Pollution Chart

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Appendix D

Air Pollution Chart

After reviewing Ch. 8 and 9 of your text, complete the following table, then respond to the questions that follow:

IssueSourcesHealth/Environmental Effects
Carbon dioxide (CO2)Greenhouse gas, Combustion of fossil, fuels such as coal, oil, gas in power plants as well as volcanoes. Also found in soft drinksHelps plants with photosynthesis also keeps the earth insulated. But also keeps the temperatures rising. Also cause global warming. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)Aerosols as well as refrigeration equipmentCause more solar UV to reach earth .Is a ozone depleting source. Also contribute to global warming. Ground-level ozone (O3)Vehicle exhaust, industrial emissions, gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents asO3 is the main cause of smog. It is a respiratory irritant, shortness if breath, pain while taking deep breath as well as wheezing Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)fertilizer producers, , the chemical industry, battery manufacturers, fabricated, electronic thingsCan cause lung damage, shortness of breath, can cause respiratory problems depending on the amount inhaled. Can burn the skin if it comes it contact. elevated concentrations in the atmosphere Note: Some pollutants may not have direct health effects.

Choose one of the following atmospheric issues: air pollution, global warming, ozone depletion, and acid deposition. Then, respond to the following: •What air pollutants combine and contribute to this issue? •Briefly describe the health and environmental problems caused by the selected atmospheric issue. •Provide one key solution to help either reduce the effects or recover from the effects of the selected issue.

Air Pollution
The air pollutants that combine and contribute to this issue are: Carbon Monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide as well as nitrogen oxide.

Some of the health issue cause by air pollution is shortness of breath, dizziness, asthma, nose and throat irritation can...
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