Pollution and Its Effects

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Sorsogon State College
Sorsogon City

Reaction Paper
Natural Science

Prepared by:
Analyn N. Oliva
General Education I-A

Submitted to:
Mrs. Josefa Deyto

Pollution is said to be one of those problems that our environment is facing right now, due to its harmful effects to everyone and also to our atmosphere. We have different kinds or types of pollution; we have pollution in land, in water and in air. We all know that these came from pollutants which were produced by human. Some of these are wood burning to produce charcoal, vehicular activities, improper disposal of waste, forest fires or wild fires, and other activities producing unnecessary gases. We all know that these are harmful for us, but what would be the effect of these gases as it goes up in the atmosphere? Would it be a helpful type of gas or this will just contribute to the pollution in our atmosphere?

As stated in the article, smoke from pollutants (e.g. forest fire, wood burning, and vehicles) when emitted, releases acid as it goes up in our atmosphere specifically in the troposphere. This acid is called as Isocyanic acid. This acid is toxic. These could harm human health. These could bring ailment to human; they could experience tissue decay when exposed to the toxic because the acid itself is a toxin from pollutants in the environment. We all know that human is the one making these problems in our environment for they always do what is wrong with regards to this problem. The effects of this pollution not only affect one or two person nor every one of us is affected because we’re living in the world.

Prevention is better than cure. This statement is related to the issue in such way that we cannot stop these phenomena but we can prevent or lessen its production in the...
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