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  • Published: March 25, 2009
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1.0 Introduction
The human population is increasing rapidly but advancement of technology is trying to keep up with the pace. By the increase of human population, the contact with the environment is getting more intensive, because human needs are increasing. And by the findings and development of new technologies, human can apply them to get what they want. And it's now understood and widely accepted that new technologies would bring their respective side effects besides their advantages. This clearly tells us that the back bone of man made pollution is the increase in population and technology. Pollution can also be caused naturally. This type of pollution does not cause excessive harm to our lives due to its regeneration ability; but, the man-made pollution harms a lot and is hard to get rid of. This report highlights the definition of pollution, the different types of pollution and for each type of pollution explains the causes, effects and solutions to prevent it.

2.0 Objective
The purpose of this report is to educate the community about the causes of pollution and what harm it can do to us and the environment we live in. To inform people the ways in which we are contributing in increasing the pollution. In addition to that, we are trying to encourage people to take simple steps to bring down pollution. And the purpose of the booth we are setting is to educate people through simple yet attractive posters, diagrams, pictures, props and flyers. Most people learn more by visual modes rather than written. For some of our props we have used recycled paper to show our support towards reducing pollution.

3.0 Definition of pollution
The Collegiate Dictionary (2003, p. 961) defined pollution as ” The action of polluting especially by environmental contamination with man-made waste.” Pollution damages the Earth's land, water and air. It results in contamination of the Earth’s environment with materials that are harmful for human health, the quality of life,...
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