Topics: Oxygen, Valve, Oxy-fuel welding and cutting Pages: 2 (324 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Gas welding is a process that use fuel gases and oxygen to weld and cut metals.

1-welding and cutting metals
2-in Stone Work for flaming
3-in the glass industry for fire polishing
4-in jewelry production

How we use it :
The apparatus used in gas welding consists basically of an oxygen source and a fuel gas source it's pumped through hoses and get out to cut or weld the used metal and there are two cylinders one of them contain oxygen and we can control the amount of gas used . There are a regulator is used to control pressure from the tanks to the required pressure in the hose. The flow rate is then adjusted by the operator using needle valves on the torch. Accurate flow control with a needle valve relies on a constant inlet pressure to it. Most regulators have two stages: the first stage of the regulator is a fixed-pressure regulator whose function is to release the gas from the cylinder at a constant intermediate pressure, despite the pressure in the cylinder falling as the gas in the cylinder is used and the second stage of the regulator controls the pressure reduction from the intermediate pressure to the low outlet pressure. The regulator has two pressure gauges, one indicating cylinder pressure, the other indicating hose pressure. The adjustment knob of the regulator is sometimes roughly calibrated for pressure, but an accurate setting requires observation of the gauge.

The hoses are specifically designed for welding and cutting metal. The hose is usually a double-hose design, meaning that there are two hoses joined together.

Benefits: we can make to metals fuse by welding , It is a great source for melting and bending too and it is the most popular source of generating heat and we can remove the inneeded parts of metals .

Conclusion: we can reshape the metals , cutting and welding the heavy objects
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