Polk County: Case Study

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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Table of contents
Contents page number Executive summary
Problem identification
Case analysis
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Conclusion and Recommendations

Polk County is a scarcely populated County in the state. The roads are in a very poor condition and the Transportation Department supervisor, JR has been tasked to manage all the three projects: * The entrance to the Big John’s superstore

* ELK Mountain road
* Bridge on County road 1045
The writer will analyse the case, evaluate the alternatives and propose a solution for the case that would benefit the Polk County Transportation Department to execute their projects effectively. Various models and literature will be used to motivate the assertions.


Polk County is the largest county in the state it is governed by three-member Board of commissioners: Harold, Richardson and Thomas. The state faces a challenge of delivering critical projects which involve improvements to the local roads which at the current state have put the local residents as well as tourists at risk because they are dilapidated, worn out and inadequate for purpose generally being unsafe for use. This challenge is due to many projects competing over limited resources. The three projects are:

* The entrance to Big John’s Superstore
* Elk Mountain road
* Crockett Creek bridge on the country road 1045 near prison The reasecher will analyse the case evaluate it, systematically prioritise the steps to be taken on the approach to successfully propose a solution which will benefit the Transportation Department, Polk municipality and ultimately the community at large. Various shortfalls are evident in the current Polk county municipality. The researcher will discuss them in depth with reference to various models and literatures as well as assumptions to back up the recommendations, below are the identified shortfalls: * No poor project office

* Funds are very limited to kick start projects that would add value to the community and improve their safety. * The tax is minimal to sustain the developments
* Insuffient or no fundraising initiatives
* High rate of crime

As depicted on the case, there are three projects at hand and below is the gathered information on each project. Body governing the county
The following individuals comprise the Polk County administration team NAME | DESTINATION/ STATUS|
Thomas| Commissioner retired|
Herald| Commissioner retired|
Richardson| commissioner|
JR| Supervisor- Transport Department|
Joe| Former head of Transport Department|
Unnamed | Current Senator|
Zachary | Transport Department intern (civil engineering)|

* It is off a two lane high at the base of the hill
* It is difficult for cars travelling in the opposite direction until they come over the crest * This makes it difficult for the cars turning left into the store and those pulling out of the parking lot. * A number of accidents have occurred

* The number of cars travelling on the road has increased over the last three years since the store opened * Several residents have raised concerns at the commissioners meetings in the past * JR had approached the store manager about helping to pay for road improvements to widen the roads to add a turning lane or install a traffic light. * The manager replied that they are barely making any profit and if they do not make profit corporate headquarters will close it down and a lot of people will lose their jobs therefore they cannot afford to assist * Many people go to the store because there are no other shopping malls in the county

WIDENING AND REPAIR OF ELK MOUNTAIN ROAD IN THE NORTHWESTERN PART OF THE COUNTY * The winters have taken their toll on the road and left...
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