Politis and Sport

Topics: Sociology, Pierre Bourdieu, Politics Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: March 18, 2013
What is connecting sport and politics? such a term exist as sport politics, where is budget, government issues and political decision making mechanism working to extract money out for sport. It is not a secret that every country has the most beloved sport that everybody like’s, good example will be the United Kingdom. It is hard to imagine what other sport may beat football in popularity and likeness so there is no doubt that most of the budget money going into this sport, putting aside some others, like basketball, which incomparable on popularity level with football. Sport can be political if all winnings and trophies connect to stimulate nationalism inside the country
sport and political “link” can be described at individual level: where politics is still active in relation to the sport and able to use it to create personal profile in popularity battle, (for example, Vladimir Putin, have black belt in Judo that fits perfectly fine to built “strong leader” image). Otherwise, where professional sportsmen’s who use their popularity earned in sport field to become politicians, most famous is current governor of State of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also do not need to forget current days hero, Vitaly Klitshko, a world famous Ukrainian sportsman who is making strong attempts in politics. The political party “Udar- translating Punch” led by the reigning world heavyweight champion boxer has surprised many observers by catapulting to second place in opinion polls before Ukraine’s parliamentary elections 2012”. Sport and politic even more associate if we will look closer - its not just confront with each other, but and logic parallels inside. It is two sort of activities, which in sociological you can analyze them on the same concepts. French men Pierre Bordieu (1930-2002) was sociologist and represent probably the most convincing and versatile way of doing so good because Pierre himself was good sportsman when he played rugby. Pierre Bordieu “instrument tool box”...
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