Politics of Research and Action

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Violence against women Pages: 15 (3091 words) Published: March 10, 2013
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Politics of Research and Action in Eradicating Violence Against Women in Bangladesh

Prepared for
Tania Haque
Dept. of women and Gender Studies University of Dhaka

Prepared by
S.M. Faridul Haque
Roll 03
3rd year, 6th Semester
Dept. of Women and Gender Studies
University of Dhaka



Chapter 1
1 Conceptualization
1.1 Violence against women
1.2 Bangladesh

Chapter 2
2.1 Common features of research in Bangladesh
2.2 Organizations deal with women issues in Bangladesh
2.3 Action taken against the recommendation of research

Chapter 3
3 The politics: a gap between research and reality

Chapter 4
4 Recommendations


Abstract: Violence against women is one of the most elusive and most difficult concepts in the social sciences. Since the late 60s there has been a considerable increase in violence in western industrialized countries as well as in 3rd world countries, counter to the long-term trend and consequently the issue of violence has become the subject of much consideration, reflected in countless articles, essays and books.

Some social conditions like poverty, illiteracy, patriarchal social structure, lack of education, child marriage, low level of living standard, religious fundamentalism, unemployment, absence of good governance and other relevant elements provide fertile land for violence against women. In fact Bangladesh is a 3rd world country who posses all of the above characteristics. The rate of violence against women is extremely high here. About ……. % women face various forms of violence each year. Violence is not only the concern of victim but also the headache of society as it affects the society in a multidimensional way. Such as it’s a barrier to produce a skilled human resource, negatively impacts upon the next generation, destroys the sustainability within the family and society and finally it is considered as an obstacle to development. Realizing the fact the government, civil society, NGOs, international organizations (UN, UNIFEM,) has started advocacy and networking programs to create public awareness against violence against women. And at the same time a lot of research was conducted to find out the root causes of gender based violence and the way to stop violence. Many organizations are working to eradicate violence following the recommendation of those researches. No doubt most of the projects are patronized by international donor agencies or foreign aid. It also may be mentioned here that govt. Also sometimes fails to make policy without the influence of international body. So ultimately a huge gap exists between the reality and the prescription. It’s a common phenomenon that the undertaken project is not appropriate or it was not necessary at all.

Under this circumstance the main objective of this paper is to find out the gap between the reality and the scholars’ suggestion, which we may define as the “politics of research and action”. We will also try to find out the reason behind the gap. The impact of this gap upon the stakeholders is also our concern.

In order to discover the fact we have described the common trends of Bangladeshi gender based research and the activities and features of organizations deal with gender issue in chapter 2. Here we have added some of the actions. Chapter 3 is the analysis of our report. We could fulfill our target in this fragment. On the basis of the discussion of this chapter we have some recommendations, which cover the 3rd chapter. It may be...
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