Political Violance

Topics: Politics, Political party, Military dictatorship Pages: 11 (3090 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Political Violence Threatening Bangladesh


Political violence is hardly a new phenomenon, however novel the public and media attention to certain of its forms makes it appear. Nor has it ever been one-sided or singular in scope: political violence has multiple forms, perpetrators, victims and purposes. It transpires alongside and interlaces with non-violent politics and multiple struggles for peace and justice; it is habitually a part of modern political life but never the whole story. Political violence is like a festering wound, in that, without the aid of antibiotics the wound has the potential to depress the immune system and eventually overwhelm the individual, leading to death. Political violence in Bangladesh has been an integral part of Bangladeshi politics unlike the other sub-continental traditional politics. The human rights situation in Bangladesh has been worsening day by day and this is very alarming as to a significant stage the rights are being violated by the state itself. From bureaucracy to professionals, public procurement to conducting of public examination, politicization and criminalization are going rampantly everywhere. Various institutions are objected to malfunctioning at political will causing further deterioration of institutionalization contrary to the good governance and a healthy culture. Political violence is not unique to Bangladesh. Most developing countries suffer from far more serious bouts of internal turmoil. In these days when terrorists, insurgents and militants have replaced freedom fighters, jacqueries and anarchists among the first order of public enemies, when wars on all kinds of terror have become ubiquitous elements of everyday political life, it is worth taking a step back to consider and evaluate the nature, roots, meanings and consequences of political violence. As a researcher, I want to be conduct a research on political violence to root out it from our ‘Beautiful Bangladesh’.

Background and Research Problem:

Political violence can be defined as acts carried out by individuals or groups with an explicit desire of accomplishing a particular political objective or directed at the party in power to secure political concessions or compromises that are otherwise not possible. As against the Sri Lankan and Nepalese examples, political violence in Bangladesh is not rooted in ethnicity (conflict of the Chakmas being an exception). Violence in Bangladesh has a special feature – it flows from a society that is highly politicized and increasingly intolerant. Therefore, while independent Bangladesh has not witnessed the type of conflict and violence that Sri Lanka or Nepal are witnessing, or even what Pakistan has been going through, it increasingly has a charged and violent political environment. Even the absence of military rule and ushering of democracy has not fundamentally curbed the ability and willingness of various political parties to resort to violence in achieving their objectives. This lack of political tolerance coupled with weak democratic institutions make Bangladesh a unique case in South Asia.

Political Violence in Bangladesh still remains as a tool to gain the particular political objective and to suppress the other’s opinion since its birth as an independent country. The people of Bangladesh learned to grow and survive from the political aggression and suppression of Pakistani ruling party both military and civil. So the people of Bangladesh couldn’t but resorted to act of violence in response to free the land from suppression and oppression. But after leaving almost all the bloods formulated in Pakistani period still the ruling party of Bangladesh couldn’t rinse and clear the membrane of Pakistani dirty intolerant politics. Since the events of March 1971, Bangladesh has seldom been free from violence. While much of the recent attention revolves around religious extremism and militancy, political violence, is a larger problem for...
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