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Political Thinkers - Marx, Tocqueville, Burke, Plato

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Political Thinkers - Marx, Tocqueville, Burke, Plato

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Madison and Plato are two men from two different parts of historical era. Within the rotation of time, views are often conflict against one another due to needs and necessity of time. Plato was a man or thinker of pure logic than passion. In his view, he argued on how society will be ruled through a systemic process where passion will play with less importance for the benefit of the ruled.

He emphasized that in order to establish such government, one social group cannot compete against the other one. On the other hand, he also wanted that each group would do their job according to their code of duty meaning that it being uncorrupted. In that way, there will be balance of harmony and power in society.

Plato¡¯s view on Madison will completely differ in terms of treating the subjects in society. Plato will call Madison an advocate for unwanted freedom, the freedom, which will benefit only few portions of the society as a whole. In terms of Madison¡¯s concern, he severely emphasized on the faculty or the builders of society to promote social growth. To overcome that achievement, Madison wants this group to roam around in society very freely.

Plato¡¯s worry on that view is that if for any reason that builders group becomes corrupted then society will fall as a whole. Plato¡¯s view was that we all exist for one another. For example, Plato said that occasionally the guardians would meet and mate so that both sensuality and the growth of intellectuals persist; it is a kind of policy similar to animal kingdom where mating is done to serve the purpose of nature, but not because of love. Madison, on the other hand, would say that Plato is a dictator where people have to give up their natural habits and act like unnatural. In terms of human nature, there is always ambition, pleasure, and self-pride. Madison will say that people will have to abandon this natural instinct by force, and not only the guardians¡¯ will, but also the entire society in...

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