Political Systems Evaluate the Role of the Current Monarchy in One Country of Your Choice. to What Extent Does It Fulfill Its Purpose?

Topics: Monarchy, Commonwealth realm, United Kingdom Pages: 4 (1189 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Political Systems
Evaluate the role of the current monarchy in one country of your choice. To what extent does it fulfill its purpose?

(Preparatory Project, First Draft)

Ramankulov Assylmurat
Student number: 201202018

Tutor: Samantha Mullins
Date of submission: January 9, 2013
Word count: 1033

Nazarbayev University
University Preparatory Course, UCL Language Center

The history of the monarchy of Great Britain has roots from the distant history. Since the inception of monarchy of Great Britain, it has endured many changes. According to Hunt (2011, 167) the monarchy has influenced to structure national identity, moral sensibility, foreign policy and political system. It has survived the test of time during the centuries. The UK is a constitutional and hereditary monarchy. The current sovereign is Queen Elizabeth II. It is important to evaluate the roles of the current monarchy of the United Kingdom because if Britain would have new monarch, the fate of it could be the same or another. Although the monarchy has many roles, this essay will investigate three main roles of the monarchy of the United Kingdom: serving to society, to be responsible for Parliament, and demonstrate spiritual leadership through attendance at religious services and public exhortation. This essay will attempt to analyze the three main roles of the British monarchy and endeavor to extent what fulfills its purpose. The monarchy plays a main role in the life of society and has direct impact on it. People respect or no respect their monarch in varying degrees. Her presence affects the public and makes the event more authoritative. For instance, she opened the London Olympics. “I declare open the Games of London, celebrating the 30th Olympiad of the modern era” said Queen Elizabeth II. Royal family had a busy schedule at that period. Some members of the royal family had their own duties to perform. One of them attended to start different sport disciplines; others...
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