Political, Social and Legal Factors That Affect Mcdonalds Fast Food Outlet (Uk) and Haveli Restaurant (India)

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  • Published: June 20, 2012
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You would hope that businesses all over the world would work to the best of their ability in order to be the best. However, this is not always the case as there are many differences when it comes to businesses that are based in different countries. The way that a UK McDonalds functions is very different to the way Haveli in India does, due to the political, social and legal factors that cause them do so. Political Factors

The Government in the UK is relatively stable. We currently have a coalition government as none of the political parties got enough votes to win the majority. Therefore, both of the parties’ manifestos are co-joined so there is a lot more UK businesses need to prepare for. Political decisions can affect businesses greatly; occasionally they can go in the favour of the business, like a grant that exempts the business paying taxes, yet other times they can restrain a business, when they raise business taxes or stop them from growth etc. In Britain, the government can supply support for businesses in different ways, depending on the sector they are in. McDonalds is in the private sector, therefore the government tries to make sure that it is possible for all businesses in this sector to compete with each other fairly. They offer grants for businesses that are just setting up and other offerings as such. The benefit of this is that businesses starting up have a higher chance of survival and impacts the size of the market. There are investigations and actions carried out on businesses that look to become too powerful by the Competition Commission or Restrictive Practices Court if they are taking over too much of the market. McDonalds has to be very hygienic if the business is to stay open and successful. The impact this has on McDonalds is that they then have to focus on how they approach keeping their restaurants clean and hygienic. All employees are trained to clean as they go and whenever there are quiet periods a full cleaning process is...
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