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Development facts of
The Old city of Hyderabad and
The role of aimim
Vennela Gandikota (12F99)
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Every morning in Hyderabad starts with a call for prayer, the authentic aroma of Irani chai drifting through the soothing winds that blow across the Deccan. In the middle of it all stands the historic Charminar, the pride of Hyderabad.

Old City is a walled city of Hyderabad, India, located on the banks of the Musi River built by Qutub Shahi Sultan Muhammed Quli Qutub Shah in 1591 AD. It remained the royal seat of the Nizam of Hyderabad until the end of the reign of the last Nizam, Osman Ali Khan, Asaf Jah VII (1911–1948). Named after Hyder Mahal, wife of the ruler Muhammed Quli Qutub Shah, Hyderabad takes pride in its possession of magnificent antiquated structures, domical mosques, and monuments. Once a vibrant city teeming with palatial mansions of Nawabs and mosques, the Old City today is extremely crowded but remains the symbolic heart of cosmopolitan Hyderabad.


―Indian Muslims are not a homogeneous entity‖- Hon. Md. Hamid Ansari. The fascinating aspect of Hyderabad is that the Muslims within Hyderabad are not a homogeneous entity. Although there are many Muslim dominated localities in Hyderabad like Mehdipatnam, Tolichowki and Abids, the Old city is a world on its own. The intriguing aspect is that it is viewed differently not only by non-Muslims but also by Muslims living in the other parts of Hyderabad.

Ghettoisation of Muslims is a complex phenomenon which has many facets that go beyond the simple definition of grouping together. For instance the rich Muslims from the Gulf would prefer to invest in the ―safer‖ Muslim localities of the Old City rather than invest in the money fetching IT destinations of Madhapur and Gachibowli. This can be attributed to consequences of the riots and continuing violence inflicted on Muslims even today. Naturally, staying together instills a great amount of security and confidence among the minority group. But to what extent would they be willing to sacrifice development 1

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to ensure their safety? Ghettoisation is taking the shape of a self imposed exile where ―relatively poor infrastructure typified by narrow roads, poor sanitary conditions, few good schools and no credit cards‖ are the rule of the day. The Muslim middle class find it hard to escape the consequences of Ghettoisation which inevitably ―breeds insular thinking, ignites suspicion, makes people feel vulnerable and dependent on fundamentalist forces. It also explains why they choose specific political parties.‖2

This research paper is an attempt to understand the development trends in Old City, Hyderabad. The paper tries to analyze the effectiveness of having a political party representing the Muslim minority group, case in point being The All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM). It is also an effort to understand the governance structure of civic bodies. The focus is primarily centered on budget allocation and the role of the AIMIM in propelling development in the Old City.


Article in the Hindu, http://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Hyderabad/feeling-secure-at-home-is-thebottomline/article3616078.ece

Part 1

Literature Review

1. Neglect of the old city
2. Development trends
3. Inequalities between old and the new city
4. Structure of civic bodies
5. Recent Developments

Neglect of the Old city

The Old City is home to 23 lakh people across 65 square kilometers. Old City accounts for 30 percent of the total population under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) area covering 10% of its total population. It has the highest population density with...
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