Political Science Notes

Topics: Friedrich Nietzsche, Karl Marx, Political philosophy Pages: 3 (397 words) Published: July 22, 2013
THOMAS HOBBS (1588-1679)
intro: did lots of classical study!
•a crude home life
•attends oxford at 15
•studied the classics
•admired the monarchy; royalist background
•Cromwell & the English Civil War, a history
•Travels to Paris & Italy 1636
•Fled to Paris, Long Parliament 1640
Politics & Philosophy
•Admirer of Math
•inspired by Galileo
◦language: True and False
◦Geometry as pure science
◦government not the object in philosophy
◦reason, an innate quality
◦man has fear of an invisible power
•best form of government is monarchy
•absolute power and control
•despises anarchy; a form of state is the only solution
•clear, absolute writer on political theory

John Locke (1632-1704)
•Puritan Father; theory of the elect
•Influence of Descartes
•Flees to Holland
•sides with Cromwell & Parliament in English Civil War •employed by the Board of Trade
•Essay of Human Understanding
•Timely writing; falls in with political view of time
•influenced Rousseau and 18th century France

Nietzsche (1844-1900)
•Born in Prussia
•father was a Lutheran Minister; Died at age 5
•raised by five women
•model Lutheran; Heading into the ministry
•age 16-begins to doubt the existence of God
•age 20- University of Bond; Sews Wild Oats
•Influence of Schopenhauer
•age 21- Pessimist
•Professor- too deep, not a success
Politis and Philosophy
•book- the birth of tragedy:◦Interpret greek life- the spatan hoplite ◦Paradox: love, ecstasy, Passion Vs. Peace and Philosophical Understanding •Zarathustra- the truth is Morality
•"God is Dead" Myths?? And explaination at the time
•breaks free from moral and spiritual ties
•morality: " slavery of herd Christianity" ? or the allegories of the old testament and the converstional Jesus. Intelligent Design, the universe, evolution and Faith. •loss of god leads to an empty, goalless life

•what is man?◦an animal that...
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